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The Junction's treasure trove catering mainly to the whimsy of women & girls. Jewellery, cards, stationery, bags, accessories, decor, clothing, and more. Your go-to for gifts and retail therapy of ultimate uniqueness.


Accessories β€’ Bags β€’ Clothes β€’ Stationery β€’ Journals β€’ Cards β€’ Wrapping Paper β€’ Candy   Stickers β€’ Costume & Fine Jewellery β€’ Decor β€’ Levi’s β€’ Gentle Fawn β€’ Minimum β€’ Matt & Nat


It all started with a dream, literally. 

While working as a costumier in London, England,I dreamt about opening a shop for girls and women that was the stuff of fantasy. The colour and objects were cinematically wonderful; what would have been my dream shop as a little girl.

For years the dream stuck with me, so in 2011 I decided to move home to Toronto and open a one stop shop for chicks of all ages.

People always ask, "where do you find all this GREAT STUFF?" I cherry-pick hundreds of lines to bring you original, unique items. Shipments coming in all the time means there is always something new to see, and there's a little something for everybody.

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