Jewellery Metals + Care


All of our jewellery is nickel free. That said, it is always best to know if you have any sensitivities to other metals before buying jewellery, especially earrings. We ask that you know what you can wear before buying because we are unable to do exchanges on earrings for hygiene reasons.

Everyone’s sensitivities are different, and they even change over time. If you could only wear gold for most of your life, you might find that you can wear silver now, or vice versa. Most people react to cheaper metals which we avoid selling in this store. The majority of our pieces are sterling silver, which most people can wear happily. A lot of our earrings are gold/silver plated brass with brass, surgical steel or silver posts. Tons of people can wear these very comfortably with no reaction. As a personal example, I am most happy in sterling silver and gold, but I can dabble in brass earrings sporadically with a little bit of itching. Trial and error!


Silver - you can use silver polishes and cloths to de-tarnish dirty silver, but if it's something with a lot of crevices or sides (like chain) you may want to soak it. Soak in disinfectant (like Mr. Clean) for several hours then give it a little brush with an old toothbrush to loosen all that dirt. Polish with a cloth and your piece will look good as new. You can also buy chemical silver “dips” which will strip the dirt in seconds.

Brass - brass can also be polished with cloths but to really get it gleaming we recommend soaking it. Water down the juice of fresh lemon and soak the brass in that for a few hours. Give it a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush and then polish with a cloth to get it gleaming.

Gold and gold filled - no cleaning!

Gold/silver plated - it generally doesn’t need cleaning, but sometimes will respond well to a polishing cloth. Do not use chemicals on it or give it excessive polishing as this will just wear through the plating that much faster.


We state the metal makeup of the piece so you can buy knowledgeably.